Coming out Aug 15th, 2018!


What is 'PS: I Love You' about?

It’s a campaign where instead of telling someone who is battling a chronic illness or cancer to do this or do that, read this, watch that, or (don’t) eat this…
You simply 
tell them: PS: I Love You

PS literally means post script from latin post scriptum, or written after… , or by the way…, I may have forgotten to mention this …, I have one more thing that needs to be said 

But more importantly, PS I love you is an invitation to explore, research and adopt a
plant-based, whole food lifestyle because…
I love you.
I want you to be healthy, vibrant,  disease free and have energy. I want to live a joyful life with you for as long as possible!

PS also means Plant Strong.
Being Plant Strong means you choose …



Who is Nicolette Richer?



The true meaning behind the 'PS: I love you' campaign.



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