What is 'PS: I Love You' about?

It’s a campaign where instead of telling someone who is battling a chronic illness or cancer to do this or do that, read this, watch that, or (don’t) eat this…
You simply 
tell them: PS I Love You

PS literally means post script from latin post scriptum, or written after… , or by the way…, I may have forgotten to mention this …, I have one more thing that needs to be said 

But more importantly, PS I love you is an invitation to explore, research and adopt a
plant-based, whole food lifestyle because…
I love you.
I want you to be healthy, vibrant,  disease free and have energy. I want to live a joyful life with you for as long as possible!

PS also means Plant Strong.
Being Plant Strong means you choose …

"Love is all we need"

PS. I love you, unconditionally. No matter what decisions you make, no matter what path you’re on, regardless of your daily choices, I LOVE YOU. You are ...

"What a blessing you are"

I can’t stress enough how important your health and happiness is to me. Be kind to yourself, eat well and ...

"You'll become a mama soon ... !"

I'm always impressed by how you create balance. You are such an example to me. It seems like you truly understand what life itself is all about: simplicity and joy! I know ...


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The true meaning behind the 'PS: I love you' campaign.


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