PS. I love you, unconditionally.

No matter what decisions you make, no matter what path you’re on, regardless of your daily choices, I LOVE YOU.

You are strong; you can achieve whatever it is your heart desires. It may take a bit of work but know that I am here for you, any support you need, you can call on me.

I appreciate all you do for me and all the wisdom you’ve handed me over this journey. I look forward to all we continue to bring in, download and transcend. Remember: dissolve, shift, embrace.

I am forever grateful for our meeting in this life. I know it was not by chance, we are here to spread our light and lift others up! This journey will have its ebs and flows but know it is all beautiful and it is all worth it.

There may be times when we feel all this has been for nothing, but we know deep in our hearts this is ego clouding our truth. We know this. We must remember this when it gets tough.

Allow your light to radiate always, it is so beautiful and so needed during these times of change. We know we are on the forefront of this shift; we have found each other and are together here, now. Love is all we need.

Thank you for showing up, today and every day. Love unconditionally always; give it freely to all who cross our paths and all in need of more. We all always could use more unconditional love. Thank you thank you thank you.

AHO <3

Hannah K.

Dear Anna-Josee,

Something wonderful is going to happen soon … you’ll become a mama … !!!! How magical!

You will be devoting all your time, energy, knowledge, love and care to a little baby boy. There is no doubt in my mind you’ll be fine. I know you will be amazing!!! I’m aware that I don’t know you that well, since our friendship is still young, but I already think of you as a good friend. 

Let me tell you why I’m writing this Love Letter to you today.

The time we spent together talking about life, relationships, work, etc.  I experienced you always stay calm and positive. You know your boundaries and know how to communicate them with others. 

I’m always impressed by how you create balance. You are such an example to me. It seems like you truly understand what life itself is all about: simplicity and joy!

I know life gave you a hard time in the past and I’m sure those events got you to be where you are right now, and I’m also certain it wasn’t always easy. Still to this day, it might be hard.

But please know, my friend, even if we don’t talk to each other often, I value our friendship. From our time spent taking the avalanche course to biking “Hot On Your Heels” together, working together, and sharing our life stories in the middle of the forest. I hope to have many more of those moments to share with you in the future. 

Keep doing whatever it takes to stay the wonderful person that you are. Keep that joyful smile, that sexy/strong/active body (it’ll come back soon xo). Cherish it, nourish it well to get to get your gut back on track so you can poop like a champ every day for the rest of your life! Hahaha, I’m also working on it ;).

A healthy gut makes sure your body can take in all the nutrients it needs, it makes sure your brain, body, and heart will work well so you can be the best mom to your baby!

En gros Anne-Jo … Merci d’etre apparue dans ma vie!!!!

Marie-Lynn T.

To Miss Lou, my love letter to you.

There is something important I would like you to know.

You are my most loyal friend and I cherish you so dearly.  I appreciate you. You have been the candle through my darkest hours and maa gaaad you held that candle tight.

You have one of THE kindest hearts I have ever had the pleasure of stumbling across, what a blessing you are. You have a big heart that deserves to be filled. I want you to fill it with good food, love, fun, laughs, nature and good relationships.  

You are loved, you are strong, you are successful, you are healthy, you are beautiful, you live in a beautiful place, you have an outrageously cute cat that loves you unconditionally, and you have me!

I can’t stress enough how important your health and happiness is to me.  Be kind to yourself, eat well and visit with the trees when you get a chance, they love the company 🙂

I love you.

Becky W.

Tu sais a quel point je t’aime! 

Tu es pour moi une inspiration. A la fois forte et fragile du meme coup, tu 
m’as appris l’importance de toujours vouloir s’ameliorer dans la vie, a evoluer et ne pas avoir peur d’essayer de nouveau chemins, specialement meme si
ceux-ci ne sont pas ceux que la majorité des gens emprunent.

Tu m’as transmit la passion de la santé et du bien-etre et pour cela je t’en suis infiniment reconnaisante. 

Merci tellement Maman d’etre ouverte a toutes les nouvelles connaissances
que je peux a mon tour te partager. Merci de te tourner vers moi quand tu as des ennuis, des questions et surtout de me partager tes joies et tes peines! 

Je veux que tu saches que du fond de mon coeur, je souhaite te voir vieillir en santé et heureuse. Je veux te voir t’epanouir et continuer de decouvrir  la magnifique personne que tu es.  

J’aime tellement lorsqu’on se partage des recettes, quand tu me poses des
questions sur les “coffee enema” 😉 et quand tu m’enseignes ce que tu as
appris a tes cours/workshops sur les huiles essentiels et autres…

Je souhaite que cela dur des annees et des annees encore!!! 


Merci pour etre une maman si extraordinaire!!!!

Marie-Lynn T.

Happy birthday Sista!

You have no idea how happy and lucky I am to have you in my life. Only a few years back, but our friendship is like if we known each other for so long. I really deeply care for you and love you so much, and this year I decided to offer you this Eat Real To Heal book as a gift to give you a tool to add in you box for the search of that healthy and balanced life you are looking for. I want to be on your side as long as possible, growing old with you and see you thriving as you do now, but with all that energy and passion rising up higher and higher. So then, all your dreams become true and we can still have lots of hilarious and crazy funny nights even at 91 years old together (and only then I’ll let you cut my hair again) ;P haha

Hope you have an amazing year ahead and I wish you HEALTH and tons of LOVE!

PS: I LOVE YOU! xoxoxoxo

                                                                         your sister from another mother 😛

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