being Plant Strong means
you know that ...

  • The body is a self healing organism that thrives on organic plants and produce and a little bit of grains and legumes
  • The body hates pesticides, herbicides and insecticides, but loves compost, manure, nutrient rich soils and farmers that take care of the land to grow life giving veggies, herbs, fruits and grains.
  • Cancer and chronic degenerative disease can be halted in progress, prevented, but also reversed.
  • Food manufacturers don’t have your best health interests at heart
  • There’s research that has been there all along showing that a plant-rich lifestyle is necessary for optimal health
  • You don’t buy into the marketing by the food industry
  • It’s kinda black and white and pretty simple – you eat real whole organic plant based foods and you just feel better.
  • The best place to get food are local farms or farmers markets
  • You feel a need to share this information with everyone around you
  • Cooking and eating food with family and friends is a key to health
  • Your own kitchen is the best place to create meals
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