be plant strong together!
you can ...

  • Read a book together and summarize it
  • Tell each other your own personal health story or someone else’s personal health story
  • Watch a documentary together
  • Make meals together
  • Start a meal train together
  • Pay for a visit to a life-coach, chiropractor, massage, etc.
  • Plan daily walks together
  • Go to a yoga class together
  • Offer to do grocery shopping for someone you love
  • Buy them a gift card to a local restaurant, but then pick them up and go have lunch together
  • Do a coffee enema together, it’ll be a blast 😉
  • Make a juice every day for yourself and a friend
  • Meditate with someone you love
  • Join someone to their first nutritionist or Richer Health appointment
  • Offer to pack someone a healthy lunch for a week, after all, you are already packing your own
  • Offer to wash, prepare produce and meals together and put them in the fridge with love notes
  • Write a motivational love letter each week to keep your friend(s) going
  • Listen to your loved one and give them space to share their struggles and wins with switching to a plant based lifestyle
  • Offer to make a recipe book with them of your favourite recipes that you’ll send to friends afterwards
  • Stop complaining, stop judging, stop trying to guess as to why your loved one is unhealthy.
  • Simply say: PS I love you! – and then get to it, make a plan for how you’ll work on this together.
  • Make it happen and commit to it!
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