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The book is inspired by my own health journey and my mission to teach the world how to eat real to heal disease. It’s super next level if you are looking to (re)connect with your loved ones and get on the healing train together. The book has tons of recipes, inspiring healing stories, worksheets to keep your progress rolling and more.

What is 'PS: I Love You' about?

This is a campaign where you tell someone who is sick that PS I Love You! and are there to support them.

PS also means plant strong: choosing veggies over processed foods, choosing fruits and grains over packaged fake food. Being Plant Strong means your body is thriving, loving you and, rewarding you for it.

I love you means… I love you.

It also means that I want you to choose to be plant strong because I it will ensure your body and mind to also be strong. I want you to live long, but I also want you to live well so that we can have fun together for as long as possible. I want you to be able to watch your grandbabies grow up and have grandbabies of their own.

I love you means I want you live a life free of pain and full of vitality so we can do fun things together, go on adventures, explore the world laughing and eating great food and discovering everything magical about life and about our relationship together. Being plant strong means that your body flows and moves freely because you don’t have painful arthritis that stops you from dancing or rock climbing, or hiking or biking or knitting or whittling toys from blocks of sweet smelling pine.

Being plant strong means that you recover quickly from sickness and injuries so you can return to life with more passion and vigor than ever before. Being plant strong means that even if you do have the gene for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer or any other chronic degenerative disease, you can keep it at bay for the next 20, 30, 50 years or even until death, when you simply lay down for a good nights sleep at age 100+ and drift off into your next worldy adventure.

I want your heart to support you so you can be active and fit and dance the night away, with me by your side.

I love you means… I love you…

It’s that simple.

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